Literary production

Articles in various local publications about local history and norwegian old history, a.o.:.


Ørstaminne 1992: The oldest written source for the name of our village.

Yearbook for Sykkylven 1994: Hotell Søndmør - a 125 year aniversary.

Ørstaminne 1995: Rationing and retail trade during the war.

Ørstaminne 19nn: Klubba-Ingebrikt

Turstiar og kulturminne i Hovdebygda 1996: Several articles.

Jul på Sunnmøre 1997: Novelle

Mi gamle grend 1997: Sailor and norwegian/american Johan Hovde Lund

Mi gamle grend 1998: Kjære uforglemmelige Pige - a lovestory.

Mi gamle grend 2000: About the American journey of Rasmus Digernes

Mi gamle grend 2009:

- a unknown poem by Ivar Aasen
- About the people on Pålgarden on Digernes
- Six young women from Digernes

- Old Ola Viki

Mi gamle grend 2011:

- Journalist Digernes from Ørsta

- Anna Stenersdatter Mork (1863-1950)


Jomsvikingslaget (1992) Information about the Jomsvikings and Earl Hakon, and the location of the battle in Hiorungavaag.

Jarleætta (2015) About Earls of Hlathir and norwegian history for the viking age.

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Literary production

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