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Ytre havn i Collioure

The harbour bay of Collioure is well sheltered from the sea due to its natural location and the pier.
You will find that the city has at least four beaches, Plage de Portd'Avall outside Le Fauburg, Boram Plage and Plage St-Vincent outside the old city, and Plage Nord behind the church to the north.

The best view over the city will probably be from the pier at ChapelleSt-Vincent, or from the hilltop by Fort Saint-Elme. One can drive by car to Saint-Elme via Port-Vendres, but just as well you may walk the beautiful path up from Collioure. The path starts in Le Fauburg, from the narrow passage between the old Dominicans Convent and the Musée d'Art Moderne.


Gate i gamlebyen


Most of the shops and restaurants in the city exists in the narrow, picturesque streets of the old town. Collioure has for a long time been a gathering place for visual artists, and in the small backstreets you will find a lot of studios and workshops.

Many famous persons have been connected to Collioure, we may mention the painters Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Andre Derain, Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Tsuguharu Fujita.

The Spanish poet Antonio Machado is buried in the churchyard in Collioure, and the british author Patrick O'Brian lived in the city from 1949 until he died in 2000. He wrote a.o. the novel Master and Commander (1970).


Marked i Collioure

Every Sunday and Wednesday morning is market day in Collioure. Under the shady trees on the town square, Place du Maréchal Leclerc, all kinds of goods are sold and there are always gathered quite a lot of people.

Otherwise, the marketplace is frequently used in connection with the many Catalan folk-festivals (especially in April-May and September).

Other annual events:

Easter celebration with big processions in the streets

The festival of St. John in June, with lighting fires and fireworks. Local culture is celebrated with Sardana-dancing and traditional food.

Bastille Day is celebrated on the 14th July with parades, street dancing and serving food of the local cuisine.

St.Vincent festival is celebrated in mid-August. There will be arranged competitions and contests and many different concerts around town, and the streets are filled with bodegas, music, dancing and other entertainment. It is also the tradition of bullfighting in town arena, close by the train station (the bull is not killed ...).
This festival spans three days and usually people are coming from all over France to take part.

Rue de la Republique


The food store with the largest selection, is Carrefour in the main street, Rue de la Republique. There you will also find the police, post office, pharmacy and La Mairie, the city's Town Hall.

On the picture, cafe Sola is in the blue house on the right, where you can eat good and affordable lunch and they have free Wi-Fi.


In no 16 Rue de la Republique you will find the shop of the famous desserts and choccolate master Olivier Bajard. He has won many international prices. Among others, in 1995 he was awarded the title World Champion in Dessert making.

He is also running a school in Perpignan: L'Ecole International de Pâtisserie Olivier Bajard


View of the township Le Faubourg.

To the right is the south wall of Le Château Royal. The castle in the middle of Collioure center gives the town its distinctive character. It was built on the remains of Roman buildings on the initiative of the kings of Majorca, and was used as summer residence of the royal court.

At the peak in the background your may see La Tour Madeloc.



Link to Collioure Office de Tourisme

Link: A selection of the map of Collioure



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